Workshop Friday with Michelada Think Tank

Strength in Numbers, Artists of Color Bloc and Michelada Think Tank at Cue Art Foundation

Strength in Numbers:
Equity and Cross-Racial Solidarity in NYC’s Cultural Plan

Friday, March 24, 2017
6:30 – 8:30 PM: Drinks + Discussion + Info Session

Cue Art Foundation
137 W 25th St, New York, NY 10001

What does an inclusive and equitable NYC cultural landscape look like? How can artists of color and white allies work in solidarity to create better art worlds? What is the role of the Department of Cultural Affairs in making this happen? Join ‘artists of color bloc’ and Michelada Think Tank in talking through these issues. Grab a michelada, meet new colleagues, and engage in a discussion around actionable steps we can take to work towards racial equity and cross-racial solidarity in the arts.

Eventbrite: Strength in Numbers, March 24th

For more info on NYC’s cultural plan, visit A Common Project.

Artists of Color Bloc is a group of cultural workers coming together to address the intersectional conditions of artists, workers, and communities of color. We understand that our oppression is intersectional—interconnected through race class and gender—and specific to our history within capitalism. In order to begin to liberate ourselves from such oppressions, we must address various points of inequality such as ongoing discrepancies of support that can improve our collective livelihoods and quality of life as cultural workers and producers.

Michelada Think Tank is a group of socially conscious artists, educators, and activists of color who host conversations with other people of color (PoC) and allies who include socially-engaged artists, educators, activists and anyone interested in creative ways of making change happen. MTT is interested in facilitating conversations and creating community around issues faced by people of color while promoting action beyond the discussion.

This event was organized by ‘artists of color bloc’ with support from
A Common Project and Cue Art Foundation. Support for Artists of Color Research Project is provided by Common Field’s Field Grant Program.

Antonio Serna is an artist working in New York with both a collective and studio based practice. He is currently working on ‘Documents of Resistance’ and ‘Collective Timelines’ two pedagogical projects that focus on the history of artists and workers of color. Additionally he is a member of Arts & Labor’s Alternative Economies Working Group which organized “What Do We Do Now?” the first alternatives economies fair and resource guide for artists in NYC. Through these and other autonomous collectives he promotes self-organized cultural events, research, education, and artist-as-activist interventions. Antonio also maintains a productive studio practice as a place of experimentation, reflection, and as a balance to working collectively. He has recently developed artCommons, an art-sharing platform for studio artists. Originally from Texas, Antonio has participated and organized projects in New York, Texas, Las Vegas, Spain, Mexico, Berlin, and Romania. Antonio Serna holds a Masters in Fine Arts from Brooklyn College, and a BFA from Parsons School of Art.

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