Currently our membership contains members from various p.o.c. working groups like Godzilla, NYC Students of Color Coalition, Repo History, Arts & Labor’s Alternative Economies Working Group, and Movimeinto Indigena Asociados (Indigenous Movement Association) with an informal advisory network with members from MayDay Space, The Laundromat Project, and Black Lives Matter Pratt. The initiative was originally formed from within Arts & Labor’s Alternative Economies working group to better focus on cultural workers of color histories and presence–or lack there of–within cultural institutions of New York City and the five boroughs.


Our intersectional framework for diversifying, desegregating, and decolonizing cultural institutions looks at the economic, social, physical, and environmental conditions such as housing and studios, job opportunities, representation, and media reception. To understand this further, we might encourage people interested in this work to ask:

How are the histories of artists of color included in the art historical cannon?
How have artists of color been depicted in our cultural institutions?
How are they depicted in the media?
How many curators of color are working in our Museums?
How many artists of color are in the studio programs in New York?

Who is curating exhibitions of artists of color or indigenous communities?
In relation to indigenous art curation, what is a settler-colonial curator?

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